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  • Mar 20, 2018 | 11:02 am

    The focus for tomorrow's midweek sermon will be Luke 23:33-47. Here's an excerpt.... join us at 11:15 or 6:30 to hear the whole thing.....And when many people think of God’s omnipotence, or His almighty power, they .....believe God’s power derives from the fact that He is the biggest and baddest of them all, and can and will deal with His opponents in no uncertain fashion. Yet, while this is true of God, this is not the fullness of His power.No, the fullness of His power is not shown in His vanquishing His opponents with raw might. Rather, His true power is shown in His mercy - in forgiving precisely when He doesn’t have to, in being gentle and loving even when there is no necessity of that for Him. Think of the almighty power in Christ as God’s eternal Son, think of the soldiers callously driving the nails into Him, and then look - He doesn’t swear or curse, He doesn’t take just revenge - He prays for their forgiveness, as He indeed intercedes for us all at God’s right hand. This is God’s power, the power of an almighty and inhuman mercy that embraces even the enemy and seeks to gather all into grace.....

  • Mar 20, 2018 | 10:02 am

    Mid-week Lenten Prayer Here's your last PSA for mid-week Lenten services this year. We'll gather tomorrow at 11:15 or 6:30 for prayer, and finish up our series on the "Wisdom of the Cross" - this time looking at the cross' wisdom about God's power and life. If you join us for mid-day, we'll give you a light lunch after service. All are welcome. Mid-day Prayer at 11:15 AM, followed by a light lunch.Evening Prayer at 6:30 PM.Preaching Theme: the wisdom of the Cross

  • Mar 17, 2018 | 18:18 pm

    Tomorrow is already the Fifth Sunday in Lent.... the end is near! This week, the appointed Gospel is Mark 10:32-45. Here's the wind up on the sermon......"Are you able to drink the cup that I drink?"So, as Jesus walked toward Jerusalem, on His way to His last Passover, He sought to uncover for the disciples the true nature of God's Kingdom in this world. And we do well to pay attention here because it turns out that all of this is still true. Being a part of God's Kingdom now is no different than it was when Jesus spoke to the disciples - because we still have the same Jesus, the same King.And what did Jesus uncover for them on the road? That the Kingdom is about service. And because of service, in this world, the Kingdom suffers - not in some masochistic and unnecessary way - but, by the service we offer, we take pains, shoulder burdens, take on responsibilities that are really ours - all for the sake of service - all because Jesus came to serve, and we have life in Him.But, let's back up for a moment. They were on the road to Jerusalem, and the disciples were amazed and afraid. The last time Jesus had been to Jerusalem, the leaders had tried to stone Him, and failing that, seize Him. It was clear they wanted Him dead. And yet, here He was, heading to Jerusalem as if He didn't care. Worse yet, He began to tell them - for the third time that we know of - what exactly would happen to Him there. He would be betrayed to the leaders, they would give Him to the Romans, the Romans would kill Him - and after three days, He would rise. And the disciples still didn't get it - but you can hardly blame them - even with the hope of the resurrection thrown in, Jesus saying that He was going to be betrayed and killed was too shocking. It made no sense. I men, they could see that it might happen - that's why they were afraid after all - but that this should happen to the Messiah, Israel's King - that made no sense.Unless you remember that Jesus was come to save.....More tomorrow at 8:00 or 10:45 in the morning. Bible Study on Hosea at 9:30. All are welcome.....


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