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We preach the historic Faith, we celebrate using the Church's classic forms of worship, and we show the love of Christ that has redeemed us.

userimgTomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten journey to the Cross and Empty Tomb. The theme tomorrow is simple and direct: "return to the Lord your God...." Mt. Calvary will have two services tomorrow, 11:15 am and 6:30 pm. Ashes will be offered for those who wish to be marked as a sign of their sorrow over their sin and their hope in Christ. Holy Communion will also be available at both services. Here's a teaser from the sermon..... "So - what do we return from? Sin. Classically, we cal this repentance - but the repentance of Lent is different from what we were called to in Advent. In Advent, the call was to clear away all the obstacles and sins that stand between you and God as He comes to you to bring you deliverance. But in Lent - in Lent we are called to repent of all that made Christ suffer and die - for remember, always remember - Good Friday is about you. Jesus went to that suffering and death because of your sin, your guilt - He suffered the condemnation and judgment you richly deserved. And that makes this season a little starker than Advent. This is the time you acknowledge what a mess you've made of it so that you can see the depths of the love the sent Jesus to save from yourself....." Blessings to all in Christ!