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We preach the historic Faith, we celebrate using the Church's classic forms of worship, and we show the love of Christ that has redeemed us.

userimgLuther, Day 17 "O my soul, thou hast said unto the Lord, Thous art my Lord; my goodness extendeth not to [is nothing apart from, ed.] thee." - Psalm 16:2 It is very difficult to see and feel that all our goodness belongs to God and that we have nothing in ourselves by which we can merit God's applause or please him. All the theology and teaching is in vain which holds that man can purchase the mercy of God by his own efforts. They fail to perceive that salvation depends on faith and confidence i the mercy of God, and that all their own works must be lost sight of, that men must despair of them. Here can be seen the harm of that pomp of satisfaction and indulgences introduced by the heretical teachers into the Church of God. What have they taught but that we should believe that God needs our good works for salvation, that our blessedness does not consist in our becoming partakers of the divine nature, and that God reaches perfection through partaking of our nature? The title "Golden" is rightly given to this psalm, for it involves the greatest faculty - confidence in God. This faculty is the difference between the people of God and others. The name and fame of persons is definitely set aside. (Devotions and Prayers of Martin Luther, Andrew Kosten, Translator; Baker Book House Company, 1965; p.40) It is difficult to see and feel that all goodness is His and that we have nothing. In fact, nothing is so insulting to our sense of ourselves than the assertion that we have no good. "But, but, but...." our old self stammers, "But I love, I share, I enjoy beauty, I....." Certainly that has to be good, doesn't it? It has to count for something? Be worth something? But, no. When set along side the infinite God, Who is an "abyss of love," as Luther was wont to say, what we have, what we know, what we offer, is nothing. We receive and partake of Him; we give nothing to Him, offer Him nothing, enrich Him in now way. And yet, He delights in us, takes us to Himself, take our flesh as His Own in Christ, and pays all our debts. "You are my God - my goodness is nothing apart from You." Amen.