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We preach the historic Faith, we celebrate using the Church's classic forms of worship, and we show the love of Christ that has redeemed us.

userimgLuther, Day 42 "Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth." - Psalm 110:3 "The day of thy power" refers to the time of grace, when God's power shall be displayed and man's frailty shall be overcome. The scriptures speak of two periods: the first of weakness, which included those who lived under the law. At that time men did not observe the will of God freely through love but in a spirit of servile obedience. That day became to them an unbearable load and burden, impossible to enjoy. God's will must be done without compulsion and that, in the nature of the case, was impossible for them. The second period is the covenant of grace and help through which man is made strong, willingly observes the will of God and his commands, and sincerely loves him. Christians do this not for the sake of necessity or reward, nor do they fail through suffering or death. This is not the work of nature but of grace. (Devotions and Prayers of Martin Luther, Andrew Kosten, Translator; Baker Book House Company, 1965; p.90) Although, in this world, we tend to associate power with the ability to coerce and force others to do what they would not otherwise - this is not how God displays the fullness of His power. Granted, He could easy make all bend the knee and do His bidding. But that would be the way of force and servile fear. God does not want grovelling slaves - mis-characterizations of the faith notwithstanding. God wants beloved children. God wants co-heirs with His Son. God wants people freed of sin's corruption freely loving Him and all people. So - how does He achieve this? In Christ, who took death and sin to Himself so that He might give us His life, His freedom, His grace. And so, we who were born dead, live by the life of another. It is not I, as St. Paul would say, but Christ Who lives in me. This is grace's work... not compulsion, but love.....