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userimgTomorrow, December 28th, has been observed as the Festival of the Holy Innocents (the children of Bethlehem that Herod had killed in an effort to kill the young Jesus) for about 1500 years in the Western Church. And we will be hearing from the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 2 during our worship tomorrow. Here's a portion of the sermon..... Now the "peace on earth" Jesus brought to light in His birth was not an end of strife or violence. The peace He brought was God's peace with us. That is, in Christ, our war with God is at an end. God has come to us in Jesus to end sin, judgement, and death. And so, in Him we have peace with God, and our old nature's fear and resentment of the Majesty on High has nothing to feed on. God is at peace with us. And, His good will - His pleasure and delight - is for all people. God is well-pleased with us in Christ - He takes joy in us - taking us as His Own sons and daughters - giving us to cry out to Him, "Abba, Father!" God's peace and good will are with us. But - the world is still filled with strife, violence, and evil. There is little good will between between fallen men and women. Brutality is still everywhere. And if the slaughter of Bethlehem's children seems to belong to another world - then remember the news we hear in this world: Sandy Hook was only two years ago; and just two weeks ago the Taliban killed more than 100 school children in Pakistan. The slaughter of the innocents is too much with us - and children are too often the targets of the craven and the deranged simply because nothing seems a deeper violation of common decency, nothing seems to show greater callousness and disregard for life or goodness, than the senseless killing of children. And this was the world Jesus was born into. God did not spare His Son anything. If the world was to be restored, redeemed, and saved, then Jesus had to start with the worst of it.....