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userimgTomorrow's Gospel for the Third Sunday of Easter is Luke 24:36-49. Here's a teaser for the sermon.... Our grasp of the Scriptures is not just about their history, their doctrine, their theology - no, it is about how they show us the necessity of Christ's death, because of our sin, our need for an atoning sacrifice. And the Scriptures show us the necessity of Christ's rising again - for how could death or hell hold the Righteous One? And the Scriptures show us the necessity of proclaiming forgiveness - not rules and regulations, but forgiveness - the loosing of sins - because of Christ's death and resurrection. After all, the whole point of His dying and rising was to win for us the forgiveness of sins and give us new life. If we do not loudly, joyfully, and gladly proclaim forgiveness, we've missed the boat. You are witnesses of these things - as you comprehend the Scriptures with your minds. You don't have to become Bible scholars - but you do need a fundamental grasp of the Law, the Gospel, and the promises and realities of God's work as it is laid out in the Bible. Faith is not some abstract thing - it has content - it is faith *in* something. Christ sends you His Spirit - His Word - so that your understanding can be opened - so that you can comprehend the Scriptures and be witnesses......