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We preach the historic Faith, we celebrate using the Church's classic forms of worship, and we show the love of Christ that has redeemed us.

userimgTomorrow's Gospel continues from last week, with Mark 7:14-23. Here's a teaser from tomorrow's sermon.... But here's the problem - even if you set human custom aside - there is still a sense in us that if we just do God's law right, that will fix us. If we can just get our acts together, get God's Word sorted out, and work on loving God and others better - then we'll be okay. And that's what Jesus turned to in today's reading. For, in our natural condition, there is no "okay." And it is a mistake to take the Law - whether it be about dietary regulations, ritual washings, sacrifices, or personal purity, and think that it can be used to make one holy and right with God. The law can mark, judge, distinguish, and guide - but it cannot make us right. Only God can do that. Why? Because of how desperately we are broken. We may not feel or think all the stuff that Jesus says is in us - but if Jesus, God in the flesh, says that our hearts - the foundation of our personality and will - are rotten, than we need to take that seriously......