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userimgToday we turn to the Second Article of the Creed ("And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord......"). In organizing his thoughts about the creed, Luther simplified the exposition so that he assigned to each of the three Persons of the Trinity primary responsibility for the three chief works God does for us (creation, redemption, and sanctification). Not surprisingly, "redemption" is assigned to Jesus, the Second Person, our incarnate Lord. However, I should note, whatever God does *outside* Himself (i.e. in the world and for us) always involves the whole Trinity. Jesus' death and resurrection may be the foundation of our redemption, but He was sent by the Father, and He is given to us by the Spirit - so that we would not have redemption apart from all three Persons of the Trinity doing their work for us. But enough of an introduction - here's Luther on the core of what our redemption in Christ means..... If now you are asked, What do you believe in the Second Article of Jesus Christ? answer briefly: I believe that Jesus Christ, true Son of God, has become my Lord. But what is it to become Lord? It is this, that He has redeemed me from sin, from the devil, from death, and all evil. For before I had no Lord nor King, but was captive under the power of the devil, condemned to death, enmeshed in sin and blindness. For when we had been created by God the Father, and had received from Him all manner of good, the devil came and led us into disobedience, sin, death, and all evil, so that we fell under His wrath and displeasure and were doomed to eternal damnation, as we had merited and deserved. There was no counsel, help, or comfort until this only and eternal Son of God in His unfathomable goodness had compassion upon our misery and wretchedness, and came from heaven to help us. Those tyrants and jailers, then, are all expelled now, and in their place has come Jesus Christ, Lord of life, righteousness, every blessing, and salvation, and has delivered us poor lost men from the jaws of hell, has won us, made us free, and brought us again into the favor and grace of the Father, and has taken us as His own property under His shelter and protection, that He may govern us by His righteousness, wisdom, power, life, and blessedness. (Large Catechism, Part II.27-30) He is our Lord - but not i the sense of being our *boss.* Our primary relationship to Him as Lord is not found in our obedience or submission to Him. Rather, it is found in His work to deliver us. He is our Lord because He won us, made us free, brought us into the Father's grace. Now, it is certain that faith in this will shape a peculiar sort of life in which we find we are governed (not by coercion or threat, but by love and faith) by Christ's righteousness, wisdom, power, life and blessedness - but that follows from having Him as Lord, that's not what makes Him Lord. So, rejoice in your deliverance - you are no longer held captive by death and the devil. Jesus has made you His - and taken you under His shelter.