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Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day we recall Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem right before the Passover festival. Yet, even as He entered Jerusalem as her true King, He was preparing to do what few kings of this world ever do: sacrifice Himself for the sake of His people - and all people. This begins the Church's great and "holy" week in which we follow Jesus from His entry into Jerusalem, to a supper in an upper room, an arrest in a garden, a trial at the praetorium, a death on a lonely hill, and finally an empty tomb. Here's a teaser from tomorrow's reflection on Jesus' entry to Jerusalem: You may remember that just a year earlier, after Jesus had fed the 5000, that they had wanted to make Him king - by force - and no doubt, they imagined that they would gather an army and march on Jerusalem. But at that time Jesus hid Himself from them. That was not the sort of king He was sent to be. Yet here - as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey - here Jesus let Himself be publicly proclaimed a king. He made no effort to hide Himself. He came as a king, to be recognized as a king - so that afterwards, when He was glorified, His disciples would at last understand what His kingship was about. For He was not a king from this world. His authority and power were not exercised in political maneuvering, it wasn't found in feats of physical prowess, He didn't throw money around to buy influence, or command troops to threaten His enemies - He didn't engage in the manipulation of mass crowds with rhetoric and demagoguery. His power was in love - in obedience to the will of His Father. Though He was, is, God of God and Light of Light, He set aside His divine majesty, was found in fashion as a man, humbled Himself, and took the place of a slave - for us. He came to His city - and He saw it. Not just its buildings and streets, it business and markets, and all the things of day to day life - He saw the people, their hearts, their minds, their spirits. He saw them, and He came anyway. He knew exactly how the week would end - and He came anyway......